by Linqo

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- I want to be your Lover - (Soul and Structure) Could there be a combination of words that I could say to disarm your pre-disposition and make you feel the same? Now I need to come clean of everything Because I need your body with nothing between Does desire define a lonely man, or does he weigh his worth in a woman’s hand? Because I want to be your lover, I don’t want to be your friend I never meant to be dishonest or offend But If I let you any closer If I let you get inside I don’t think that you’ll like what you find If I had a better heart and good thoughts in my head, I’d exchange these bad intentions for good ones instead. Now I need to come clean of everything Because I need your body with nothing between This desire is a crippling curse and everyday it just gets worse and worse Everything, your color and composure I crave Everything, your soul and your structure cannot be replaced. Because I want to be your Lover and I want to be your friend I never meant to sound dishonest or offend and if I let you any closer, if I let you get inside, I just hope that you like what you find.
- Distance and Doubt - With distance and doubt, we’ll never leave this town so get those thoughts out of your head right now. Some lines around us can be so hard to cross So take my hand in case we both get lost... ‘Cause I sure as hell don’t know the way dear But I sure as hell cannot stay here… We should have run when we had the chance Because these streets might open up, and try to swallow both of us Concrete and stone, every street and road only goes where you don’t wanna go And if you want to stay I cannot say the same but maybe we will meet again some day
Passengers 04:01
- Passengers - Leave, leave now, leave while you have the chance Just go, get out run while you still can because no one in their right mind would stay if they’d understand So leave, leave now leave while you have the chance Where do we go? When we get there, will we know? Are we running to, or running from? Wait, please stay I can’t do this alone. Just think… think straight Where would you even go? because now its gotten so late and we just got comfortable So wait, please stay, I can’t do this alone…
- The Hourglass - If I could for a moment disassemble this old clock and try to find its heart, I’d turn back the big hand as far as it can go take me home back to the start… No one understands what its worth and no one dares to try No one understands how it works, no one can describe That it’s time who has made a fool of us again, because the past is a crime and the memories are punishment. Now the sand is falling fast into the bottom half of the hourglass so hold on to your photographs I know that its only a few more years ’til we both eventually rust and as all these memories become antiques, so shall our youth collect dust
Red-Handed 03:46
- Red Handed - Would you like if I called it quits or if I would just give in Would you? I bet you would. Could you try to give a shit, or at least look like it Could you? I bet you could. At least you’re honest At least you’re honest You won’t lie to me tonight I wish you would just come clean and wash your hands of everything Would you? I wish you would. You won’t lie to me tonight, or would you? You’re caught red-handed this time.


released May 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Linqo Orlando, Florida

Linqo is a five-person, ambient/indie rock band from Orlando, FL. The group released their 5-song sophomore EP "Nomadic" in May of 2018.

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