by Linqo

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released January 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Linqo Orlando, Florida

Linqo is a five-person, ambient/indie rock band from Orlando, FL. The group released their 5-song sophomore EP "Nomadic" in May of 2018.

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Track Name: Veruca plays with Voodoo
Veruca plays with Voodoo

Is a heart still a heart when you pull it apart
from the body that which it resides?
Were we born with love
or was it taught to us,
I can’t decide

'Cause there is nothing worse
than a hole in your soul
so please put down your pins
and just pull out the needle

Because I fear what you are gonna say
and I fear what you will do;
but deep down I know you’re gonna throw me away
because I’m just a play thing for you

Veruca I feel you've grown tired of me,
I hear in your voice when you speak;
through your body language and small subtleties.
Just come clean
Track Name: Ofelia and the Albatross
Ofelia and the Albatross

Ofelia, I now know why
you cannot sleep through out the night
sailing seas of old regret and insecurity

A kiss for luck to send you off
I hope you find what you have lost,
I finally now understand why you need to leave

No, its not too late to learn to swim
just don’t wait until you’re in the ocean
and when you don’t know what to do
just throw your heart into the ocean

Darling don’t say you’re too old
to repair that broken boat
and chip away those rusted chains anchored to the past

The albatross around your neck
Let it go, just let it rest.
I finally now understand if you never make it back
Track Name: A Coyote named Mercedes
A Coyote named Mercedes

My dear come here, get out of the rain
and take off your wet clothes,
is something on your mind
is it something I should know?

Did you find that the grass had died
on the other side?
and now you want to stay
with your tail between your legs.

I still don’t believe you darling
I still don’t believe you…

This is all my love, will it be enough
or do you need another hand to hold
If its hard for you, I can help you choose
for I won’t be your love,
because I can’t be your lover anymore

My dear I hear you’ve changed your ways,
and no longer a thief
so I took a leap of faith and you took more than you need
to try to keep a coyote is a foolish thing to do
and if I never see you again it would be too soon

Well maybe I know that you are bad for my health,
but baby you know that I just can’t help myself

“I’ll miss you most of all Mercedes
but you will not get this your way,
I know you didn’t mean too
and I hate to let you go
at least we both learned one thing;
that you’re still an animal."

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